Publishing Studies Conference – “By the Book: the book and the study of its digital transformation”

By the Book: the book and the study of its digital transformation

Publishing Studies Conference

Villa Finaly, Florence, Italy

May 22 and 23, 2014



Benoît Berthou (Sorbonne Paris Cité University, LABSIC-Research Center for Information and Communication Sciences, France)

Miha Kovač (University of Lubjana, Slovenia)

Angus Phillips (Oxford Bookes University, International Center for Publishing Studies, United Kingdom)



Friday May 22


Opening – Benoît Berthou, Miha Kovacs, Angus Phillips

9:20AM -11AM

Session 1 – Book globalizations and national identities

·      Frania Hall (London College of Communication, United Kingdom), “Digital convergence and collaboration culture – Publishing in the context of the wider creative industries”

·      Melanie Ramdarshan-Bold (Loughborough College, United Kingdom), “National and Regional Identity in a Global Context: Cultural Constructions in the Globalised Publishing Field”

·      Elena Macevičiute and Tom Wilson (Borås University College, Sweden), “The e-book phenomenon in Sweden”

·      Daniel Boswell (Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom), “Catalan publishing in Twentieth Century”



Session 2 – Understanding innovation

·      Gavin Stewart (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom), “Foucault’s Ghost?: The Phenomenology of Privacy and Breach within the E-reading Experience”

·      Alexis Weedon (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom), “A leap in innovation? The digital book as disruptive technology”

·      Claudio Pires Franco (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom), “The digital book (r)evolution: barriers to innovatio”

·      Rose Leighton (Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Netherland), “A Publishing Studies Museum”



Session 3 – Readership evolution ?

·      Nick Canty (University College London, United Kingdom), “Books, bricks and literary boosters”

·      Iain Stevenson (University College London, United Kingdom), “”The gift is mine, the choice is thine”:  Book Tokens and the expansion of reading”

·      Laura Dietz (Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom), “Life as a novel after death as a book? Reputation and legitimacy of post-print fiction”

·      Louis Wiart (Sorbonne Paris Cité University, France), “The Economics and Business Models of Book Social Networks in France”


Session 5 – Book sectors 2: Academic publishing

·      Lara Speicher (University College London, United Kingdom), “Open Access Publishing of Scholarly Monographs in Universities”

·      Mary Ann Kernan (City University London, United Kingdom), “The impact of globalisation on academic publishing: A Routledge case study, 1960 to 2013”

Saturday May 23


Session 4 – Book sectors 1: Fiction and travelling

·      Heiko Hartmann (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Germany), “How digital publishing creates new kinds of printed books. The evolution of non-fiction (travel guides, atlases, cookbooks) in print”

·      Rachel Noorda (University of Stirling, Scotland), “Books as Souvenirs: The Tourism and Heritage Book Market”

·      Katharina Reeve (Bath Spa University, United Kingdom), “The Creative Producer 2020: Nonfiction and Digital New Product Development”



Session 7 – Toward new teaching models ?

·      Judith Watts (Kingston University, London, United Kingdom), “Catching up with the past: the use of historical case studies in a contemporary curriculum”

·      Anke Vogel, Corinna Norrick-Ruhl (Mainz Book Studies, Germany), “Teaching Sustainability: Bringing “Green Publishing” to the Book Studies Classroom

·      Liam Borgstrom (university of Pretoria, South Africa), “Teaching Publishing Architecture”

·      Sophie Noel (Sorbonne Paris Cité University, France), “Is there a specific approach to publishing studies in France? Provisional assessment and methodological proposals”


Session 6 – Teaching publishing at the digital age


·      Elizabeth le Roux (University of Pretoria, South Africa), “How should we teach book publishing in this time of digital transformation? A view from the South”

·      Anna Faherty (Kingston University, United Kingdom), “Pedagogy for Digital Publishing”



Session 8 – Studying publishing


·      Nives Tomašević, Ivana Ljevak (University of Zadar, Croatia), “The current state of publishing studies in Croatia”

·      Stevie Marsden (University of Stirling, Scotland), “By the Book: the book and the study of its digital transformation”

·      Zoran Velagić, Franjo Pehar (University of Zadar, Croatia), “Methodological approaches to modern publishing: current constrains and future prospects”

·      Bertrand Legendre (Sorbonne Paris Cité University, France), “Publishing researches: the Socio-economical approach”


Conclusions – Benoît Berthou, Miha Kovač, Angus Phillips

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