Parution – “Artistic Practices. Social Interactions and Cultural Dynamics”

Tasos Zembylas (Ed.): Artistic Practices. Social Interactions and Cultural Dynamics. Oxon, New York: Routledge, 2014, 206 pages, ISBN 978-0-415-72147-9


This book will be important for both researchers and practitioners in the field. It will help artists to deepen their analytical abilities, enabling them to further their own creative practice. It will allow students and researchers to gain insights into processes of artistic creation and thus into the reproduction of art, as well as innovation in the arts.?

Introduction by Tasos Zembylas Part I 1. The Concept of Practice and the Sociology of the Arts by Tasos Zembylas 2. Art Bundles by Theodore Schatzki 3. Practices of Contemporary Art: A Pragmatic Approach to a New Artistic Paradigm by Nathalie Heinich 4. Artistic Practices as Gendered Practices: Ways and Reasons by Marie Buscatto Part II 5. Artistic Practices over the Course of Careers in Film by Chris Mathieu and Iben Sandal Stjerne 6. “You’re Not Going to Play What You Practiced…. Something Else is Going to Happen” by Silvana K. Figueroa-Dreher 7. The Knowing Body-in-Action in Performing Arts: Embodiment, experiential transformation, and intersubjectivity by Chiara Bassetti 8. Forms of Knowing in the Literary Writing Process by Tasos Zembylas 9. Engaging in the Politics of Participative Art in Practice by Laurent Thévenot 10. Art Installation as Knowledge Assembly: Curating Contemporary Art by Sophia Krzys Acord 11. The Intricacies of Street Art Learning: A Sociological Explanation by Graciela Trajtenberg


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