Conference Announcement – “Writing (for) Market – Narratives of Global Economy”


Writing (for) the Market – Narratives of Global Economy
25-27 June 2015, 4th annual conference of the DFG Research Training Group “Globalization and Literature: Representations, Transformations, Interventions”  will take at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich.
This year’s conference is concerned with the complex relationship between literature and the ‘global market’ and will address questions of the effects of the market on literary production as well as the representation and narration of ‘the market’ in literary texts. Besides bringing together international scholars from a variety of literary departments, the Open Forum “Global Playing for Everyone? Positioning Strategies on the Global Book Market” provides a room for discussion for different agents in the publishing industry.
Keynote Speaker: Giséle Sapiro
Thursday, 25th June
13.30-14.00 | Introductory Address | Anna-Katharina Krüger, Franziska Jekel, Neele Meyer
14.00-15.30 | Panel I | Globalization or the Literature of Late Capitalism
    Barrett Watten (Wayne State University Detroit): Writing the Zone: Global Logics of American Postmodernism
Nina Peter (Leuphana Universität Lüneburg/FU Berlin): Precarious Ontologies: Contemporary Financial Markets in Literature
15.30-16.00 | Coffee break
16.00-17.30 | Panel II | The Poetics of Economy – the Economy of Poetics
    Christine Künzel (Universität Hamburg): Economic Poetics or On the Gradual Production of Derivatives and Other Financial Fiction Whilst Writing
Anne Enderwitz (Freie Universität Berlin): Early Modern Household Economy and the Trickster Plot
18.00 | Keynote Address Gisèle Sapiro, CNRS Paris
Friday, 26th June
Panel III |Access to the Global Canon
Anna-Katharina Krüger (LMU München): Slave Narratives Entering the Market – Between Self-Publishing and Political Agenda
11.30-12.00 | Coffee break
    Rasha Chatta (SOAS London): Thematic Mints: On the Aesthetics of Migrant Literature Between Production and Circulation
12.45-14.30 | Lunch break
Panel IV | The Negotiations of Literary Value
    Annegret Heitmann (LMU München): On the Turntable. Scandinavian Authors and the Global Market
15.15-15.45. | Coffee Break
    Pavithra Narayanan (WSU Vancouver): Who’s Afraid of Andrew Wylie? Gatekeepers, Markets, and Knowledge Production
Franziska Jekel (LMU München): Marketing the Crisis. Reflections on Esthetic and Economic Value in Marlene Streeruwitz’ Nachkommen. and Die Reise einer jungen Anarchistin in Griechenland.
20.00 |Open Forum: “Global Playing for Everyone? Positioning Strategies on the Global Book Market”
Saturday, 27th June
Panel V | Fashioning World Authorship
    Rebecca Braun (Lancaster University): What is a World Author? Conceptualizing Agency in the Global Literary Market
Thoren Opitz (LMU München): World Wide Walt: The 1856 Leaves of Grass and the Global Market
11.30-12.00 | Coffee break
    Mariano Siskind (Harvard University): World Literature and the Globalization of Aesthetic Forms: Before and After Magical Realism
12.45 | Final Discussion and Closing Remarks | Thoren Opitz, Mahamat Ali Alhadji
If there are further questions please email us and we will happy to help. For more information contact:
Anna-Katharina Krüger
Research Scholar at DFG Group “Globalization and Literature”
Luudwig-Maximilians-University Munich

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