Appel à contribution colloque Identity Studies

Voici un appel à contribution (en anglais uniquement).

3rd International Conference on Identity Studies

by Martina Topic

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Call for Papers
July 22, 2017 to July 23, 2017
United Kingdom
Subject Fields:
Nationalism History / Studies, Political Science, Sexuality Studies, Sociology

Venue: Queens Hotel, City Square, LS1 1PJ, Leeds, United Kingdom


Identities are various: personal, national, religious, regional, racial, gender etc., and it is very difficult to determine which identity is affecting us most. For example, during the presidential race for a nomination in the Democratic party in the United States between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (2007), black women wondered which of the two identities represented them most: their racial or their gender identity only to opt for the ratial identity. In the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2015 and 2016, gender again had a prominent role and while many women opted for their gender identity and voted for Clinton, other women disregarded their identity and voted for Trump despite the fact he has expressed negative views of women and their equal rights.

On the other hand, national identity bears huge relevance and people are willing to die for their nations. Religious identity is as important as ever, and people are willing to sacrifice their own comforts and sometimes even to discriminate against others because of their religious identities. European identity had been an issue of debate since the foundation of the EU when founders envisaged European unification based on a particular set of values shared among founders and prospective future members. These values have recently been challenged with British referendum on the EU where 52% of those who voted, opted to leave the EU. While many voted against membership in the EU due to immigration, many also voted for leaving the EU because of their British identity perceived as endangered by announcements for stronger European unification.

The notion of identity is often ending up with stereotyping and othering of those who have different identities, and irrespective of the approach we take in identity studies we always end up with the same dilemma: why are identities and identifications so important? These and other issues will be a subject of discussion at our conference.

Papers are invited (but not limited to) for the following panels:

  • Identity and Identifications: theory and methodology
  • Identity and Nationalism
  • Gender identity
  • Literature and Identity
  • Music and Identity
  • Art and Identity
  • Religion and Identity
  • Ethnicity and Identity
  • Media and Identity
  • European identity
  • Identity and Memory
  • Identity and Critical theory
  • Marxist views of Identity

Prospective participants are also welcome to submit proposals for their own panels.

Submissions of abstracts (up to 500 words) with an email contact should be sent to Dr Martina Topić

( by 15 May 2017.

The Centre established a peer review journal, and a working paper series. Conference papers will be considered. We welcome paper proposals from scholars, NGO activists, Master and PhD students, and independent researchers. Earlier decisions will be available when we collect enough papers for each panel.

Conference fee GBP180, and it includes

  • The registration fee
  • Conference bag and folder with materials
  • Access to the newsletter, and electronic editions of the Centre
  • Opportunity for participating in future activities of the Centre (research & co-editing volumes)
  • Discount towards participation fee for future conferences
  • Meals and drinks
  • WLAN during the conference
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Optional sightseeing for the second day

Centre for Research in Humanities and Social Sciences is a private institution originally founded in December 2013 in Croatia (EU). Since July 2016 the Centre is registered in Leeds, UK.

Participants are responsible for finding funding to cover transportation and accommodation costs during the whole period of the conference. This applies to both presenting and non-presenting participants. The Centre will not discriminate based on the origin and/or methodological/paradigmatic approach of prospective conference participants.

Information for non-EU participants: 

The Centre will issue Visa letter to participants with UK entry clearance requirement. The British Home Office has a very straightforward procedure, which is not excessively lengthy and the Centre will also issue early decisions to participants with Visa requirements.

Contact Info:

Dr Martina Topic

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