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Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la parution de notre ouvrage Bourdieu in Question: New Directions in French Sociology of Art.

Bourdieu in Question: New Directions in French Sociology of Art

Jeffrey A. Halley, Daglind E. Sonolet
Brill, Dec 7, 2017 – Social Science – 456 pages

In Bourdieu in Question: New Directions in French Sociology of Art, Jeffrey A. Halley and Daglind E. Sonolet offer to English-speaking audiences an account of the very lively Francophone debates over Pierre Bourdieu’s work in the domain of the arts and culture, and present other directions and perspectives taken by major French researchers who extend or differ from his point of view, and who were marginalized by the Bourdieusian moment. Three generations of research are presented: contemporaries of Bourdieu, the next generation, and recent research. Themes include the art market and value, cultural politics, the reception of artworks, theory and the concept of the artwork, autonomy in art, ethnography and culture, and the critique of Bourdieu on literature. Contributors are: Howard S. Becker, Martine Burgos, Marie Buscatto, Jean-Louis Fabiani, Laurent Fleury, Florent Gaudez, Jeffrey A. Halley, Nathalie Heinich, Yvon Lamy, Jacques Leenhardt, Cecile Leonardi, Clara Levy, Pierre-Michel Menger, Raymonde Moulin, Jean-Claude Passeron, Emmanuel Pedler, Bruno Pequignot, Alain Quemin, Cherry Schrecker, Daglind E. Sonolet.

About the author (2017)

Jeffrey A. Halley, Ph.D. (1978), City University of New York, is Professor of Sociology at the University of Texas San Antonio. He has published on avant-gardes and Dada, art movements and organizations, Mexican American arts, music, theory, and Adorno. Daglind E. Sonolet, Ph.D. (1977, 2000) Universities Paris-X and Paris-IV. She taught at the Universities of Leeds and Bordeaux, at UTSA, and Temple and has published on reading practice, philosophical and civic commitment, exile and identity in literature and art.

Bibliographic information

Bourdieu in Question: New Directions in French Sociology of Art

Volume 130 of International Studies in Socio
Volume 130 of International studies in sociology and social anthropology

ISSN 0074-8684
Jeffrey A. Halley, Daglind E. Sonolet
Jeffrey A. Halley, Daglind E. Sonolet
Brill, 2017
9004310053, 9789004310056
456 pages


Bien cordialement,

Jeff Halley and for Daglind Sonolet

Jeffrey A. Halley
Professor of Sociology
Director, Laboratory for the Sociology of the Arts, Culture, and Communications (SACC)
Department of Sociology
College of Liberal and Fine Arts
The University of Texas at San Antonio
One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249
e-mail:  jeffrey.halley@utsa.eduOffice: MS 3.03.01

Board, International Sociological Association Research Committee on Sociology of Arts  RC37
Editorial Committee, Sociologie de l’Art




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